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Adapting the capacity and the quality production to customer needs allow us to offer a wide range of opportunities

Our tailor-made solutions are able to satisfy the demand of multiple market segments thank to the resources of 4 plants. The advantages are clear in terms of trading, product research & development, concept and design packaging innovations and to protect with legal contents the final consumer. A service in line with the new market trends and respecting the new consumption habits such as gluten free, organic or vegan products.


The Finest products with the highest level for foodies and consumers who want to pamper themselves. A meticulous selection of raw materials and ingredients, a generous amount of creamy filling with a predilection for clearly visible pieces, exclusive and appreciable on the palate. The deluxe, gourmet and giant shapes are presented in customized packaging creating “ad hoc” solution with top notch materials.


A proposal for a broad target who is looking for a great quality / price ratio. The meal solution for every occasion: complete, quick and convenient. A wide range of products, shapes and fillings covering very different segments and able to meet all the more heterogeneous consumer tastes. The packagings are very good and the artworks are printed with excellent materials.


For anyone who wants a traditional product with an unbeatable price / quality ratio and he is pursing the “value for money”. Guaranteed ingredients and typical sizes and shapes are showing an indissoluble link with tradition. A standard packaging studied in every single detail to meet the different needs of different core families.