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Filled pasta

Different from village to village, from town to town, the filled pasta reflects the typical Italian variety. From timeless shapes such as Tortellini or Cappelletti, to Gourmet ones, like Raviolone or Mezzeluna that, thanks to their oversized shape, hide inside a generous filling that exceeds the 55% of the product.
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Unfilled pasta

A great selection of the best mixes of wheat flour and durum wheat semolina, fresh eggs from supervised breeding farms, and a carefully crafted process to guarantee all the deliciousness of the pasta as if it were made by hand. A wide variety of unfilled pasta to make tasty and original recipes.
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Potato Dumplings

Just a few and simple ingredients but of great quality; the flavour of the best fresh potatoes, boiled and produced with artisanal passion, and with attention to every single detail. The VoltanWay patatoes dumplings, soft and pleasant to the palate, perfectly blend with our fresh sauces, or simply to enjoy with butter and sage.
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Fresh sauces

The VoltanWay Fresh Sauces are created with the best practices. Our manufacturing processes ensure a superb texture and a unique flavour compared to ambient sauces, providing an unquestionable homemade effect as if they were freshly made.
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Ready meals

For today's consumer who doesn’t have much time to spend in the kitchen or for those who simply want to change their everyday menu having an healthy and balanced diet. The VoltanWay Ready Meals are the modern way to sit at the table.
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