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Ready meals

The VoltanWay ready meals are the modern way to sit at the table

For today's consumer who doesn’t have much time to spend in the kitchen or for those who simply want to change their everyday menu having a healthy and balanced diet recovering all the love of the Italian traditional cuisine. Just a few minutes in a pan or in the microwave, and they are ready to taste on every occasion.

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Grab&Go: Pasta+Sauce

A simple but extremely innovative concept: Fresh Pasta + Fresh Sauce. Different shapes available as Tortellini, Fusilli and Gnocchi, matched together with our fresh sauces in order to create delicious combinations. Just a few minutes in the microwave, the sauce completely cooks the pasta et voilà! ...A fresh and mouthwatering meal solution as if it were homemade. Easy to grab and go everywhere, at home or during a lunch break.


The VoltanWay’s cannelloni are made with puff pastry of fresh egg pasta stuffed with meat or vegetables and they are served with a selection of tomato, béchamel or ricotta and spinach sauces. In the ready meals range is also available our Rotolino which is a mix between cannelloni and lasagne, traditional in its ingredients but unusual in its shape. These truly complete and balanced meals can bring to the table the specialties of the Italian culinary tradition.


Zuppe, Risotti e Primi piatti. Tantissime proposte gustose e genuine surgelate tramite la metodologia dell’Individual Quick Frozen. Rispetto ai metodi tradizionali in cui gli ingredienti sono surgelati in fasi diverse e successivamente mescolati, l’I.Q.F. li unisce direttamente in fase di cottura congelandoli solo quando sono perfettamente amalgamati tra di loro. La superiorità in fatto di sapore risulta evidente.