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Total quality

We’ve always guaranteed the maximum transparency for the highest quality standards

An organizational culture of absolute reliability embracing every VoltanWay’s aspect. Our team guarantees a 24 hours/day supervision of the production processes quality through strict procedures. In this regard, all the suppliers are carefully selected and constantly being audited thus ensuring the full traceability of all our products.

The Quality System

A System in which we firmly believe that permeats all the company activities, from process to product: the strict selection of employees, the 36.000 analyzes per year by our laboratory on raw materials, semi-finished and finished products, the excellent cleaning and sanitation systems on every plant and the specific control plans on the implemented procedures and on the monitoring of results obtained.


The efficiency of our Quality System work is confirmed through the obtaining of the main European certifications. These recognitions attest an excellence in the compliance with the regulations and on the approch followed in the production chain but also a scrupulous attention to safety at work and in food safety.

Prizes and awards

Our commitment and our enthusiasm are rewarded by the trust shown by the industry experts and customers towards VoltanWay. Prizes and awards such as the Papa Industry Awards, Quality Food Awards, SIAL Innovation or Superior Taste Awards make us proud of our work confirming the quality of our Group.